Thursday, December 03, 2009


Its an exiting month to be ~wink~ Christmas celebration coming up n an exciting trip to Krabi n Phuket is coming up. Before that have to go through my super tough exam due on next wed. Have been studying for the past few days n suddenly today all my brain function had been slow down. All doubts is coming out, stress is piling up, but I m not gonna let it defeated. I gonna do all my best and not gonna fear of exam but to conquer it for God has not given me a spirit of fear, but one of power, love and a sound mind (2Tim 1:7)

Anyway i cant wait to let it finish soon n just waiting for long awaiting break of the year. I cant imagaine how's Krabi n Phuket look like but from info I search it seems beautiful scenery. Beautiful den Sabah beach. Photographer shall love it too :P Excited excited!!! =)

Sunday, June 07, 2009


HOla~~ Have a great free-dom this few days, being able free to do anything in my own kingdom since my mom was away for holiday.. Sometimes its just too quiet in the house. I not used to it but i luv the little freedom though.

Ds few days, i just go without cooking just drinking my fasting drinks and doing my own laundry n get tidy up everything jz in case all was in order to avoid nag by my mom. I dun like being nag!!! It will burn off ur ear =) In the mean time oso catching up with my NT tour. A long way to go b4 reaching the end. Hope can reach the end b4 ds Wed, den I can head to The Hut for the meal. Looking fwd for the hangout soon.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Fun fun fun time~~

Yesterday was having a fun time serving in Raging Fashionista Bazaar. It was some sort like flee market except it was held at a home. I was helping out as a sales girl :) It was not easy to get a chance to experience how it feel like a sales girl in shopping mall jz to wait for customer to buy. Luckily it was jz half day. Haha!! I think I be fishing if waiting for customer to come... Wat if no customer coming? Then it will be more fishing lo... Hehehee!!!

See Monica was excited for the bazaar till she coming out to ask ppl in. Tarik more ppl to visit her stall =) Come come.... mari mari....

This is the stall, 'Diva Couture' that I help out in.

There were other exciting stalls available in the bazaar, Chic-n-clever & Arrissa.

Freinds who come to visit us. Thx for coming n ur support to all of us..

However ppl are coming for our 'Deal or no deal' for a piece of white tee ;) Who win the deal? It was to Felix n tat wraps up our sales for the day.. YEah!! Truly an exiting, fun day... yet tired after bk home. Needed a gd rest n massage soon :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Easy n simple dishes

Lately mom started to ask me to learn cooking but I just lazy to go. I found through a food blog hungerhunger, which show some simple cooks for a beginner to start with. Besides, there are lots of great recipe for dishes n baking. Here a suggestion to start with cooking. A great new start since everyone knew how to fried egg n I believed so :) Simple n easy n not too much ingredient to buy :) The common ingredient is egg. U can start with these 2 simple cook.

Tomato Stir Fry egg

Chicken in a basket

Now i feel hungry n wanted to grab some of it . Hehe...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Randoms pix~~

Chilling out with girl friends (Dee, Hilda, Chu n me) in Atmosphere. U can come here for free drink on LAdies nite. A good environment to chill out n chit chatting~~

I cant believe i did actually taken ds picture as wat Hilda said taking a shampoo ads. Hehe!!. By the way its cool yea... >< The real me wouldnt pose like this even u ask me too. shy shy ma...This was taken on Easter Cantata performing choir in church... Wohoooo... first time taking the initiative to join n I found it was a great experience as i can feel how it was like standing on the stage facing the crowd. Haha!! gan jiong but not so gan jiong oso... got some mixed feeling la...

Luv this pic with the balloon frame.. N last but not least....

Thats the end... chao....

Monday, March 09, 2009

It's something new~~~ ><

Yeah~~~ Finally start blogging and i tell u its hard at first to blog coz u dunno where to start with ><>

It's been miserable to me lately knowing that my computer will no longer funtioning well as it should. Then, I will be disconnected with my frens in net n updated news bout things happening around. Well, I still happy that I can assess with internet in office. It is the only time tat i can online... I wish to get a computer soon... wanted it badly now so it wont be waste for me to pay my internet bill.